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Zaheda Mirza

Zaheda Mirza

I am a London-based Illustrator and animator who is highly passionate about basic Human rights, especially the rights of children. Through my extensive travel, I have had first-hand experience of the sufferings of children worldwide.

My artwork contains bright and strong coloured imagery that represents a vibrant, inspiring and engaging way for children to learn. I choose to display graphic and bold statements with gentle and fun interactive illustrations, thus simplifying the complexity of phrases such as ‘Freedom to feel safe’ or ‘Freedom to have a home’.

My practice is inspired by the natural world; Sun, Sea, Mountains, Lake. I tried to incorporate the ‘Fauvism’-style art to create colourful images of the great outdoors and thus inspire children to enjoy nature.

Media used: Traditional media such as Watercolour as well as software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, In-design and Fresco (On my iPhone).



“Great communicator and project manager, illustrator. Logos and branding. Very fast and keen learner, willing to take anything on and challenge herself.”

Tim Pond

Lecturer – Art and Design
Visual Arts
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