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Anthony Meraklis

Anthony Meraklis

I am a graphic designer from London/Kent and have been creating artwork and illustrations for clients for over 3 years using different programmes. My love for graphic design came from analysing logos and how I thought to myself “I can create better”.

Posters are everywhere. Ranging from the nightclub toilets to bus stops but how many of us stand there and read them? A lot of us and this is all thanks to catchy colours, font and imagery that is being shown. I have always had an interest in posters. They are powerful, punchy and can tell a lot with just using a piece of paper.

Most of my work is made up of geometrical shapes and designs that I have imaged traced from my sketches. I am good at creating various different patterns and producing a wide range of designs for myself to finally pick and choose which one is best.



“Brochure and Logo Design. A good use of Illustrator.”

Tim Pond

Lecturer – Art and Design
Visual Arts
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